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Every wrestler should know who Henry Cejudo is, Mexican Olympic Gold Medalist from Arizona. Now he’s making his UFC Debut on August 30th. I can’t wait to see how he does once a wrestler always a wrestler. #HenryCejudo #OlympicGoldMedalist #OlympicMedalist #OlympicWrestling #OlympicWrestler #USAWrestling #Wrestling #Wrestler #MMA #MexicanWrestler #UFCFighter #UFCDebut #August30th #UFC

unsparkly asked:

20 and 38?

20)  It’s a bit more in depth for me when it comes to a person, for me if i was looking from afar i generally do a “Body/Booty Observation”…..What can i say I’m a guy. Up Close its the Eyes and Smile that really count.

38) A friend recommended it and I used for a little then i stopped and about a year ago i started using it a lot since Facebook completely sucks


Anonymous asked:

What do you aspire to become?

It’s really hard to specifically know what i wish to be, I’ve been dabbling a lot in sports like MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so i was going towards that as a career but right now I’m planning to take college courses to be an EMT which would be like a stepping stone for me. All i want is to be happy and enjoy myself.

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